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Brazil: Ministry invites UFO researchers

The Brasilian Ministry of Defence invited UFO researchers from the organisationA.J. Gevard UFO Brasilien "Committee of UFO Researchers" (CBU) to a formal meeting with representatives from the armed forces. Alejandro Rojas writes in an article (April 26) in Open Minds Magazine that the meeting took place on April 18th 2013. It seems that all the parties involved were satisfied with the results. Ari Matos, the secretary of the Ministry's "Institutional Coordination Organization" assured the researchers that more documents will be declassified and that they will be handled through Brazil's Access Information Act. A.J. Gevaerd, editor from Brazil's UFO magazine, stated that the meeting was historic and that it was the first time that a Ministry of Defence had invited UFO researchers to an official meeting to discuss the UFO phenomenon. The event was a result of a petition held at a UFO conference and it is a good example of far South America has come when it comes to openness about UFOs. Read more in Open Minds Magazine.