A new documentary by James Gilliland

Click here to see the trailer for the new film: 'Contact has begun'

Interview with Lockheed Martin Scientist

The american environmental activist David Sereda interviews the former Lockheed Martin engineer Boyd Bushman
The subject is anti-gravity, i.e. UFO-technology. However, there are limits to how much Bushman wants to say. Old video: 1. Bushman allegedly provides a small demonstration of levitation. 2. Bushman interviewed by journalist Nick Cook.

Larry King Live

See the debate on CNN
Roswell 60 years was debated on CNN. Arizona's former governor Fife Symignton, Stanton Friedman, Michael Shermer, James Fox, Marcel Jr., and former apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin were on the show. View parts: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.