Media exposure of Exopolitics Denmark and our events is listed below.


May 2016
1. Med andre ord - student magazine, Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen. No. 8. Lad os tale om den flyvende tallerken. By Anders Joensen. Download article.


January 2016 - Hillary Clinton's statements to The Conway Daily Sun.
1. Radio 24 syv. 13/1-16. Frederik Uldall interviewed to the show: AK 24syv. Listen (in Danish).


September 2015 - UFOs and Close Encounters conference in Copenhagen
1. The Copenhagen Post. For one week only, the truth is on your doorstep. By Ray Weaver. Read article.

Juli 2015 - World UFO Day
1. DR's website. Forening: UFO-forskning skal på Finansloven. By Thomas Klose Jensen. Read article on Denmark's Radio's website. Download article.

Juni 2015 - Artikel i "The Murmur".

1. The Murmur. The truth is (maybe) out there. By Lesley Price. Read article on page 10-11. Download article.


February 2015 - John Podesta's UFO tweet
1. TV2: "GO' Morgen Danmark". 24/2-2015. Morten Resen interviews Frederik Uldall from Exopolitics Denmark. Watch it here in Danish.
2. Nova FM. 26/2-2015. Helle Andersen interviews Frederik Uldall.


October 2014 - UFOs and the Media conference in Copenhagen
1. Radio24syv: Forfra med Jeppesen. 3/10-14. Frederik Uldall from Exopolitics Denmark participates. With Terje Toftenes and Pia Knudsen from Copenhagen UFO Research.
2. Desert Companion / George Knapp. November 2014. Out there. Download article.
3. Coast to Coast AM / George Knapp.

October 2013 - Exopolitics Denmark at Expo in Østerbro/Copenhagen - 2 presentations by Frederik Uldall
1. Østerbro Avis /Dinby.dk. 30/10-13. Mystik i Østerbrohuset. By LIWE. Download. Read the article in Danish on dinby.dk.

July 2013 - World UFO Day
1. Denmarks Radio P1 Morning. 2/7-13. Anne Troldtoft Hjorth interviews Frederik Uldall. With Ole Brink. In Danish.

May / June / October 2013 - UFOs and NUKES conference in Copenhagen
1. TV2: "GO' Morgen Danmark". 6/5. Morten Resen interviews Frederik Uldall from Exopolitics Denmark (English subtitles). Watch it here.
2. Ritzau - Presse release. 6/6-13. Download.
3. Bryggebladet: Eksperter fortæller om UFO'er. 30/5-13. In Danish - Download.
4. Radio24syv: Nattevagten with Mira Kellermann. Lucas Alexander mentions Exopolitics Denmark in connection with "Age of Truth TV's" screening of interviews with the speakers at  Exopolitics Denmark's conference. 24/10-13.

April 2013 - Exopolitics Denmark on Radio24syv
1. Radio24syv: "Forfra med Jeppesen". 12/4. By Michael Jeppesen. Listen to an edited version of the show with Pia Knudsen and Frederik Uldall (in Danish).


Januar 2013 - Publication of interview with former radar operator Nis Krog

1. Ekstra Bladet: National Geographic viser nyt dansk UFO-vidne. 15/1-13. By Thomas Harder.
2. National Geographic Channel: UFO Europe Untold Stories. (Episode 3.) January 2013 (Denmark). Pia Knudsen from Exopolitics Denmark appears in the docu. Watch on Youtube.


August / September 2012 - Richard Dolan in Copenhagen / Navi Air.

1. B.T.: Nærkontakt - UFO Konference i København. 16/9-12. By Maria Christine Madsen. Photo: Katrine Emilie Andersen
2. Ekstra Bladet: Danske radar-folk løser britisk UFO-gåde. 30/8-12. By Thomas Harder. 


November 2011 - Gary Heseltine in Copenhagen and Odense.

1. B.T.: UFO-betjent besøger Danmark. 20/10-11. By Morten Mærsk. (In Danish)
2. Ekstra Bladet: Jeg så en UFO - og så gik strømmen. 20/10-11. By Thomas Harder. (In Danish)
3. Fyens Stiftstidende: UFO-betjent besøger Odense. 24/10-11. By Jesper Mads Eriksen. (In Danish)
4. Fyens Stiftstidende: UFO-mand besøgte Teater Momentum. 2/11-11. By Sara. (In Danish)
5. Ritzau - Press release. 31/10-11. By Exopolitics Denmark. (In Danish)
6. Dinby.dk / Cityavisen: UFO-mand holder foredrag. 1/11-11. By CMO. (In Danish)
7. Danish National Radio (Go'Morgen P3): Mie Rasmussen interviews Frederik Uldall from Exopolitics Denmark. 4/11-11, at approx. 7.38 AM. (In Danish)
8. Ekstra Bladet TV: Han har beviserne - UFO'er findes. - Youtube. 4/11-11. By Mikkel Cramon. (In English and Danish)


February/March 2011 - US magazine.

1. Open Minds Magazine: Exopolitics: What kind of society do we want? February/March 2011. By Oliver Buus og Frederik Uldall. (In English)


December 2009 - COP15 in Copenhagen.

1. PR News - Press release: Exopolitics Denmark Attends Alternative Climate Summit: Screening of Videos About Suppressed and Exotic Technologies. 11/12-09. By Exopolitics Denmark. (In English)
2. Coast to Coast AM: Paola Harris mentions the event above. (In English)


October 2009 - Stephen Bassett in Copenhagen.

1. Danish National TV (DR2 Udland): Interview with Stephen Bassett - Behind the camera (EXO DK). 7/10-09. By Ane Havgaard Lauersen and Erkan Özden. (In English and Danish)
2. Danish National Radio (DR P1 Harddisken): About UFO-technology. Youtube part 1 and part 2. 14/10-09. By Dorte Dalgaard, Henrik Føhns, and Anders Høeg Nissen. (In Danish and English)
3. Frederiksberg Avis: Miljøbesøg fra USA (Web version) - Printed version. 1/10-09. By Finn Edvard. (In Danish)


August 2009 - Danish local radio.

1. Roskilde Damp Radio: Interview with Frederik Uldall from Exopolitics Denmark. August 2009. By Pia Larsen. (In Danish)


June 2008 - Canadian Radio.

1. Newstalk 1010 CFRB Toronto - Frederik Uldall from Exopolitics Denmark interviewed on The Richard Syrett Show. 19/6-2008. By Richard Syrett and Victor Viggiani. (In English)


November 2007 - Exopolitics Denmark in Rome.
1. Corriere Della Sera: Gli Ufo sessant' anni dopo nel convegno "Out of the blue".  2/11-07. By S.D.S. (In Italian)